Freeing Your Mind ~ Notes for an Empath



Sometimes it’s difficult to stay up on top of it all. You see others in pain, sorrow or other forms of discomfort. You want to hold them tight and tell them it will be all right … but do they believe you? The question of how to help another can get so complicated when that other either doesn’t feel they have the power to overcome, or they choose to stay in the comfort of their discomfort. Be careful not to drag others into your sorrow when seeking that help that you need. Like ripples in water, you can spread that emotion far and wide. This does nothing for the initial ailment, and may indeed cause more for others. Sorrow and discomfort is a personal challenge that you alone must find the meaning in. Aid from others is best sought when you realize that. There is so much love for everyone of us, if we let it be that way. Change your thoughts …. the really pesky ones should be considered not on the irritation of the idea of whatever it is, but should be looked into for meaning. If you can question things in that way, what does it mean and why is this happening … then you have stepped into the plateau of change. Nothing happens on accident and nothing is a coincidence. They are there for you. They are there to help you transcend sorrow and discomfort. Free Your Mind ?

Holding space for one in need, is one thing, but holding space at the expense of your own peace is another. One must be in tune with themselves above all. My status is kind of two fold in that some will ‘vamp’ up all the sympathy they can conger in order not to deal with their own pain alone. They don’t mean to cause grief to others, but they do attract to themselves that which they spread out. If I am in pain or sorrow, I keep it to myself and ask myself why and how do I get past it. I don’t broadcast outward, looking for the like to come back. Any and all pain and sorrow that I experience is a lesson, and I observe it that way. I see others who broadcast victimhood, even those who know about attraction, but still they broadcast victimhood. They are responded to by lots of love and energy for their benefit, yet it’s not enough to get them out of their pain and sorrow. They truly haven’t done that internal asking and learning. For that I have no answer to aid in their relief. No one does. Only they can change the outcome. Encouragement should be directed that way …. to ask for guidance from their higher self. The answer and comfort is there … the pain and sorrow is proof of the need to address it.

I see a lot of people being deeply effected by the Earth/Solar changes. We are all connected with them both after all. Empaths and intuitives seem to be most impacted by these changes, but pretty much everyone is impacted by them. Emotional discharges seem to be all over the place and can bring to the ‘air’ stressful feelings of anger, sorrow, pain, hyperactivity, anxiety; just going into a room full of people can be unbearable to ‘feel,’ and even being in a large city can make you feel smothered in decay.

It is important to know what is yours, and what is not. Empaths seem to have a really hard time remembering that a lot of what they ‘feel’ isn’t their own, and still manage to take it on as if it were. I hear a lot of wonderful people out there having a hard time, and insist that they need shielding and protection as they ‘feel’ they are being attacked. For a Teacher it is wise to counsel them in the real art of grounding, which provides true protection. Not understanding that is avoiding the true meaning. If one can distinguish between what’s theirs and what’s not, then they know what they need to work on internally, and let the other take care of itself for a while.

You can not aleviate ones’ suffering, no matter how sorry you feel for them, if they do not recognize its cause from within. What you can do is leave a light out for them to find their way back. Caring too much for that person is not going to make their real pain go away, and it will keep on manifesting until they do look deeper in to it.

As far as the shifting of our planet, well as below .. so above. It’s not just our planet either, it’s the whole universe that is experiencing a shift. This is all natural however as it’s all cycles. The more that come to grips with their own “stuff” (rather than everyone else’s stuff), the less bumpy the shift will be.

Peace Love and Happy Faces ~ Jen


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