via Judicial Watch Goes to Court for Hillary Clinton Testimony

Judicial Watch Goes to Court for Hillary Clinton Testimony


Mysteries In Time Premier


To all my friends and family on WordPress. It’s been awhile since I created a new vid. I invite all of you to join me tomorrow for a new series I’ve created (with a wonderful team, btw). Hopefully, it will enlighten those who don’t know about this aspect of current circumstances and events presented. I am launching Freedom Productions as a new platform covering History, Mystery and Antiquities. I hope you like it, subscribe and share along the way

Saturday, September 8th at 6 pm PST, Freedom Productions, in association with Rudyland and IRL Media, will be presenting it’s first mini-documentary. The film is called Mysteries In Time ~ Missing Artifacts, and will be telling the story of The Looting of Iraq and Syria, which is still going on to this day. We will be following the clues, from Government complicity and ISIS’s smuggling operations that lead all the way to Purchasers of these artifacts, including the Hobby Lobby. Please join us on this riveting journey into Mysteries in Time.


Art is the Expression of the Soul!

Art is the Expression of the Soul!


To get different results in life, we have to rethink our thinking. This is not just a matter of positive thinking; reconnecting to our well-being we recapture vitality and resilience and are better able to change our thinking.

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What does it matter, what’s the point?
This quest to find meaning in life?

Some will give it meaning,
But it’s their own wishful interpretation.
It’s only a longing,
Something that rips at the very foundation of all humans.

There is no meaning.

There is only loneliness,

Whether in a group or by myself in a box,
The feelings are the same.

People come and go,
Each one taking what they need,
Or what they think will make them feel better about their own loneliness.

A self-serving cycle.

Each individual is just that….
An individual.
I can’t be the other individual,
Because I’m not.

I know not what they feel, see or think.
I don’t know why they are the way they are,
Or why they do what they do. They just are. I am too.

I am who I am,
And don’t know why all of my own experiences have led to this present me.
Does anyone really?

Everyone thinks they know,
Or wishes or hopes or tries to convince themselves or others that they do.
I for one have done that.

I can paint a happy, beautiful scene to which I can relay to others
In an attempt to lessen their loneliness.
But is it a real scene,
Or just one I wish to see myself?

I listen to others explain “how it is”, only to find another who says the total opposite,
Both making sense in their own wishful ways.

But either way,
They are individuals that have gathered other individuals
To create an illusion that they are not lonely.

And each and everyone still is unsure.

They still argue the difference between Hope and Faith,
Good and Evil,
Love and Hate.
None of which is ever a black and white ordeal.

I live in the gray, always have,
And so do they.

We are only lonely individuals,
In a sea of lonely individuals.


There’s music too!
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Today’s Numerology 1~1~2014 Happy New Beginnings


Day 1 in Numerology

Today’s Numerology 1/1/2014

1 Day

You are exceptionally creative and original, and you possess a touch of the unusual. Your approach to problems are unique, and you have the courage to wander from the beaten path. You can be impatient with your shortcomings and those of others. You are very concerned with your status, and you foster the appearance of success and self-satisfaction. The need to appear well off propels you to strive for growth, success and the finer things in life.

Don’t let pride and overconfidence be your masters. Remember, your talents and abilities are a gift from a higher source, which should promote gratitude and humility rather than pride and conceit.

1 Month

January can be a tough time for some of us who are profoundly affected by the seasons of our planet. It has to do with ancient themes of both hibernation as well as emergence from deep withdrawal.

Before us and behind us are endless doorways of potential and possibilities. Janus is privy to all of these potentials, and January proposes a perfect alignment of energies that allow the opening of all these doors so we may view the contents (insights, possibilities, reflections) inside.

7 Year

Your challenge in life is to maintain your independence without feeling isolated or ineffectual. You must hold fast to your unique view of the world while at the same time being open to others and to the knowledge they have to offer.

With your abilities to learn, analyze and seek out answers to life’s important questions, you have the potential for enormous growth and success in life. By the time you reach middle age you will radiate refinement and wisdom. Pythagoras, who lived 2500 years ago and is often called the father of numerology, loved the 7 for its great spiritual potential.

If you would like a personal in depth numerology reading, please contact me here.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Freeing Your Mind ~ Notes for an Empath



Sometimes it’s difficult to stay up on top of it all. You see others in pain, sorrow or other forms of discomfort. You want to hold them tight and tell them it will be all right … but do they believe you? The question of how to help another can get so complicated when that other either doesn’t feel they have the power to overcome, or they choose to stay in the comfort of their discomfort. Be careful not to drag others into your sorrow when seeking that help that you need. Like ripples in water, you can spread that emotion far and wide. This does nothing for the initial ailment, and may indeed cause more for others. Sorrow and discomfort is a personal challenge that you alone must find the meaning in. Aid from others is best sought when you realize that. There is so much love for everyone of us, if we let it be that way. Change your thoughts …. the really pesky ones should be considered not on the irritation of the idea of whatever it is, but should be looked into for meaning. If you can question things in that way, what does it mean and why is this happening … then you have stepped into the plateau of change. Nothing happens on accident and nothing is a coincidence. They are there for you. They are there to help you transcend sorrow and discomfort. Free Your Mind ?

Holding space for one in need, is one thing, but holding space at the expense of your own peace is another. One must be in tune with themselves above all. My status is kind of two fold in that some will ‘vamp’ up all the sympathy they can conger in order not to deal with their own pain alone. They don’t mean to cause grief to others, but they do attract to themselves that which they spread out. If I am in pain or sorrow, I keep it to myself and ask myself why and how do I get past it. I don’t broadcast outward, looking for the like to come back. Any and all pain and sorrow that I experience is a lesson, and I observe it that way. I see others who broadcast victimhood, even those who know about attraction, but still they broadcast victimhood. They are responded to by lots of love and energy for their benefit, yet it’s not enough to get them out of their pain and sorrow. They truly haven’t done that internal asking and learning. For that I have no answer to aid in their relief. No one does. Only they can change the outcome. Encouragement should be directed that way …. to ask for guidance from their higher self. The answer and comfort is there … the pain and sorrow is proof of the need to address it.

I see a lot of people being deeply effected by the Earth/Solar changes. We are all connected with them both after all. Empaths and intuitives seem to be most impacted by these changes, but pretty much everyone is impacted by them. Emotional discharges seem to be all over the place and can bring to the ‘air’ stressful feelings of anger, sorrow, pain, hyperactivity, anxiety; just going into a room full of people can be unbearable to ‘feel,’ and even being in a large city can make you feel smothered in decay.

It is important to know what is yours, and what is not. Empaths seem to have a really hard time remembering that a lot of what they ‘feel’ isn’t their own, and still manage to take it on as if it were. I hear a lot of wonderful people out there having a hard time, and insist that they need shielding and protection as they ‘feel’ they are being attacked. For a Teacher it is wise to counsel them in the real art of grounding, which provides true protection. Not understanding that is avoiding the true meaning. If one can distinguish between what’s theirs and what’s not, then they know what they need to work on internally, and let the other take care of itself for a while.

You can not aleviate ones’ suffering, no matter how sorry you feel for them, if they do not recognize its cause from within. What you can do is leave a light out for them to find their way back. Caring too much for that person is not going to make their real pain go away, and it will keep on manifesting until they do look deeper in to it.

As far as the shifting of our planet, well as below .. so above. It’s not just our planet either, it’s the whole universe that is experiencing a shift. This is all natural however as it’s all cycles. The more that come to grips with their own “stuff” (rather than everyone else’s stuff), the less bumpy the shift will be.

Peace Love and Happy Faces ~ Jen